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We secure the best suppliers. We can source anything you can imagine
Alpha Phoenix

Main Areas of Business


Adding value through reducing acquisition costs
  • New vehicles
  • Used vehicles
  • Spare parts
  • Vehicle Renting


Premium quality products direct from the producer
  • Medjoul dates
  • WInes
  • Conserved Foods
  • Fruit and vegetables


Global supply chains direct from manufacturers
  • Sugar ICUMSA 45
  • Chicken Paws
  • Metal
  • Medical supplies


Developing client business globally
  • Business development
  • Consulting
  • Out-Sourcing
  • Market Study

You can trust in us to manage your international operations.
Without surprises.

Alpha Phoenix

At Alpha Phoenix you have access to our platform of professional contacts, both buyers and sellers.

Global contacts

USA: Vehicles

Asia Pacific: Commodities

LATAM Region: Commodities

Global Contacts

EU+Russia: Grocery, Commodities, Vehicles
ME Region: Grocery, Vehicles

AFRICA Region: Vehicles, commodities

Why Us?

At Alpha Phoenix we match the demand and supply offers in the global market. Export/import of cars and spare parts, groceries (fresh food and canned preserves) and commodities (sugar, scrap).

Global sourcing means we ensure the best prices for our customers.

  • 25 years international experience.
  • Customer service and dedicated account management managing the process until its completion.
  • According to the needs of each company we can offer you different logistics options. We offer a personalized service.
  • Cost savings for our customers of up to 35% compared to market conditions.

Benefits of using us

Alpha Phoenix is trust, stability, security, responsibility… We want a long-term relationship with you. Shall we Talk?


Our team is focused on providing customer service at all levels of the business transaction: from start to finish, and post sale.


We establish a direct relationship with supplier and factory facilities. Quality products: organic and non-BIO products. Reliability of supply networks.


We work with trusted suppliers internationally, using unique contacts forged over 25 years of international business development.


We have close relationships with both suppliers and buyers. Single point of contact. Process flow management and problem solving as needed.


References from clients who work with us


We can source almost any product that is marketed globally, although we specialize in vehicles, groceries and commodities.
We operate globally, so products can come from anywhere in the world. However, our main suppliers are located in Europe, the Middle East and South America.

Alpha Phoenix specializes in this. We have multiple operations in progress from different business sectors around the world.

Yes, we can provide references from companies that have trusted us and continue to do so.
The prices of the products are constantly changing due to the complex trading conditions. However, our goal is to ensure the most competitive prices at any time. More important than price, in our opinion, is the stability of supply with reliable partners, who can consistently deliver on time and without failure.
Delivery times depend on the product and the prevailing commercial conditions.
The form of payment depends on the product and the prevailing commercial conditions
Our headquarters are located in Valencia, although we have staff in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa.
We work primarily with trusted sellers and buyers, with whom we have a direct connection. We also work with intermediaries, who have a direct buyer mandate.
Yes, we work with all kinds of Incoterms anywhere in the world.

At Alpha Phoenix we look for the best suppliers


New vehicles (all brands), Used vehicles (all brands), Parts, Scrap vehicles, new ATV and parts, GPS tracking…


Nuts (including Eco), Medjoul Dates, Honey, Chicken, Avocado, Prepared Meals, Olive Oil and Other Oils, Wines, Fruits and Vegetables, Gourmet Foods, Preserves…


Rails, Scrap, Coffee, Sugar – ICUMSA 45 (in bulk), Medical supplies…


We help you develop your business and provide solutions to problems that may arise. We can secure stability and security.

What do you need? We can get it

Thanks to our large network of international contacts we can get everything you need.